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  • Hello, I am a freelance storyboard artist based in London.

    I have 18 years experience producing storyboards and visuals for TV drama, commercials, games and animation.

    Previous clients include:

    Netflix, BBC, Aardman, Nickelodeon, Nexus, The Mill, Cartoon Network, Blue Zoo, ITV, CBBC, Codemasters, F/X, Rogue Films, Ragdoll, Disney XD, MPC, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Passion Pictures, Raw TV, MTV & LBi.

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I produce quick, high quality digital storyboards, on location or remotely via skype and email.

Starting in Teletubbieland in 2000, I’ve  since storyboarded for a wide variety of companies and products including; Coca Cola, Nike, Honda, Orange, Lexus, Universal,  BMW, Mercedes, Intel, Nintendo, Sky, Seat, Evian, Boots, Comcast, Jack Daniels, Innocent, Vodafone, Xbox, Hasbro, Ford, Adidas, Netflix, Tomy, Mattel, Johnson & Johnson, Rolls Royce, LEGO, Fed Ex and Playstation.

I’ve worked on animated series including Chop Socky Chooks, Teletubbies, The Hive, Kerwhizz and Alphablocks and storyboarded for games at Codemasters, Splash Damage and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.
Contact me to discuss projects, rates and availabililty via email or on (+44) (0) 7789027148

Recent storyboard jobs include:

Nomis 'Damn boots' (Dir: Woof Wan Bau)